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Provided your product meets our criteria for quality and content you may also elect for your programme to be promoted via SourceTV (we normally ask for a commission on each product we sell for you)

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Moira Bush 2017 “Creating online programmes via the Source Digital Publishing Platform has transformed my business”

Moira Bush, Colour Entrepreneur, author ‘8 Colours of Prosperity’ and creator of the best-selling ‘God and Money‘ online programme



The Source Digital Publishing Platform allows you to create unlimited online programmes, either with fully automated PayPal buttons or ‘free sign up’ boxes for your website – making it ultra-easy to build your tribe and monetise your business.

Online video based products are rapidly replacing books as THE low cost way for people to engage with your personal brand and thought leadership.  REMEMBER the value of a client is in their lifetime value; online programmes are a beautiful way to allow people to resonate with your energy and become one-to-one clients or book onto your workshops, retreats or other programmes.

In this video (extracted from a Facebook Livestream) Source co-creator – the entrepreneur and thought leader Rachel Elnaugh – explains why video is such a powerful marketing medium:

To the right and at the bottom of this page you can see listed some of the best-selling online programmes which have been created using the Source Digital Publishing Platform.

Once created, your Online Programmes are fully automated – giving you passive ongoing revenue streams which also build your tribe of followers.

When you sign up you’ll also receive the six part online programme “How to Create a Best Selling Online Product” created by Source co-creator, the award winning Entrepreneur, former ‘Dragons’ Den’ Dragon and Business Mentor, Rachel Elnaugh – which demonstrates how she conceived, mind-mapped, priced and created ‘Feng Shui for Prosperity‘ – which went on to become the best-selling product ever published via SourceTV

Provided your online programme meets our criteria for quality and content it may also be selected for promotion via the SourceTV website and social media channels (we normally ask for a 50% commission on each sale we generate for you – and the client is then yours to ‘upsell’ in to one-to-one coaching, longer programmes etc.).

Sign up to the Source Digital Publishing Platform today FOR JUST £99 using the special fully automated, PayPal button below:

See below some of the best-selling online programmes which have been created using the Source Digital Publishing Platform…



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