Spiritual Soul Guide

St John’s Wood, London


Toks is a Wisdom Life Coach, a Transformational Mentor and Spiritual Soul Guide working with various modalities to bring harmony and awaken the Soul’s Wisdom.  As an Intuitive Consultant, she works with the Energy of Now, believing that one of the quickest way to heal is to look at where you are Now, as you work on your wholesomeness.  At her Full Moon and New Moon Alchemy Workshops she channels Energy of Now Invocation Blessings and guidance, working with powerful crystals inducing Sacred Divine Healing for all those present and those who have asked for free healing.  Toks is a Certified Practitioner in various healing and massage techniques; as well as a Life Coach and Teacher; with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from City University.  She taught ‘Employability and Personal Development’ to children who had fallen out of the school system.  She studied at the London College of Fashion and loves photography.  She worked as a temp for a number of years in fashion, banking and finance. As soon as a massive healing took place within the organisation or office she would be moved on to the next job.  Sometimes these changes had great tests and healing on a massive scale for herself and the people around her.  These experiences were her building blocks to who she is today.   She believes that everyone has a choice and they are responsible for their choice which always has consequences.  It is important to make smart choices. Sometimes this is not easy to do.  As an Intuitive Consultant she is able to help you make choices you may find difficult to do, or you never knew you had. She holds you when you need holding and sets you free to fly your path to success, happiness and joyful exuberance in your relationships, career, family, personal development and spiritual goals.  May The Force Be With You.