Carl helps people think more clearly and get the important things done through Conscious Productivity & Alchemy and find their Mission & Purpose, Inner Harmony & Joy. A natural talent for organisation and task-focus lead to a degree in Classics from King’s College, Cambridge, a distinction in his coaching diploma and a highly successful sales career with some of the most pioneering tech start-ups for the past 15 years, most recently with the Open Data Institute, founded by World Wide Web inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Learnt over a 16-year journey of self-awakening, overcoming addiction and chronic fatigue he blends discipline, business and career planning & strategy, with mindfulness, metaphysical energy work, yogic breathing, NLP and intuitive guided visualisations that boost mind performance and creativity, helping people to achieve exceptional results. An intuitive starseed, he is passionate about helping individuals and businesses to thrive and navigate through the current shift in consciousness to a reality based on agility, innovation, abundance, transparency, oneness and co-creation. 5D Solutions to 3D Problems. His big vision is a retreat bringing together the best of human, galactic and higher dimensional teachings and technologies to help people heal, awaken, clarify their vision and express their true creative selves.


Helps you boost your productivity & mind performance – get more done with less effort!

Conscious Productivity helps busy people to think more clearly, get the important things done to completion and feel more relaxed and in flow. Over 2 weeks, you will receive a 10 minute daily video or mp3 with easy planning tools, guided visualisations to help you consciously create your day and receive inner guidance as well as improve focus plus yogic breathing techniques to keep the mind and body energised.

Benefits to you:

– Create your day & feel more in control
– Better manage, prioritise and complete important tasks.
– Connect to the Higher Mind for guidance and inspiration.
– Think more clearly and improve focus.
– Boost energy levels with yogic breathing exercises.
– Harness effortless inspiration and flow.

Carl Rodrigues’ ‘Conscious Productivity’ 2 Week Online Programme ¬£24.00

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