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Maggy Whitehouse

Comedian, Independent Catholic priest, Bible Historian and Mystic



Maggy is the author of sixteen published books (pretty well all of which feature Jesus – as a mentor, friend and supporter). These include: The Book of Deborah, a novel about what it would have been like to have been Jesus’s cousin and Judas’s wife: The Marriage of Jesus which is about the historical likelihood of his being married at 16 and widowed by 30: The Miracle Man; Imagine Christ came today as a judge on the brand new US version of The X Factor: From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity, a practical spiritual book on how to earn decent money and live abundantly whatever your line of work: Living Kabbalah, Total Kabbalah, The Illustrated History of Kabbalah and Kabbalah Made Easy. All easy-to-understand practical guides. She is an expert on interpreting ancient Kabbalah (including Biblical Kabbalah) in easy and accessible terms for the modern world, an expert on Bible metaphysics i.e. how to read this incredible book on four levels including the mystical and metaphysical and make sense of it in your own life, an expert on the lives of women in Biblical times including Mary Magdalene and the Old Testament Matriarchs and Heroines. She’s also a stand-up comedian. Time perhaps to laugh about the sacred cows of religion that stop us making direct contact with the Divine.