Julia Paulette Hollenbery is an Embodiment Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Writer. She has worked professionally for 25 years with The Grinberg Method, Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations and Tantra. She sees people in a way they have probably never been seen before, profoundly with acceptance and love.

She brings people into their truth and body, for real life confidence, connection and pleasure. Julia is passionate about sharing her love of the mystery, real sensual relationship and the life of the body.

Her first book, ‘Universe of Deliciousness’ will be published this year. She offers Delicious Relationship workshops. She is mother of a fiery young daughter, loves to dance wildly and spend quiet time in forests and oceans.




One to One Session with Julia Paulette Hollenbery

An opportunity for you to gain clarity on a health, well being, relationship, work or unique-purpose question – to support your wholeness and embodiment.

A one hour session dedicated one-on-one time for you to receive Julia’s deep attention.

“I will attune to you. I will read the energy of your body – your potential, your stuck patterns and the changes you are ready to make. The work begins happening from the moment we connect… an alchemical process heals and changes you through me.

We will work together interactively. You will contact your deeper truths and felt-sense of your body and heart. You will become more unified, peaceful and real. You will learn tools and skills you can usefully practice at home.

A session has a warm, gentle presence, spacious, deep and intimate, with compassionate challenge, humour and playfulness. A session may be clarifying, calming or energising – or a mixture!

I will respond to you and to what you uniquely need right now. A session is a healing blend of dialogue and energywork. The dialogue work is not psychotherapy. I may use imagery, inquiry or ritual to support you. I may guide you to move your body, breathe and use your attention.”

Your session will take place via Skype. This special offer applies to new customers only.

One to One Session with Julia Paulette Hollenbery – Special Introductory Offer £108

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