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Christiaan Kyracou

A signed copy of Christian Kyriacou’s book ‘The House Whisperer’

Understand the sacred contract between you and your home "Christian's book is a treasure trove. For those new to the ...
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Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 17.03.34

Carl Rodrigues’ ‘Conscious Productivity’ 2 Week Online Programme

Helps you boost your productivity & mind performance - get more done with less effort! Conscious Productivity helps busy people ...
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Davina macksil's

Davina MacKail’s ‘Your Name is Your Destiny’

Discover your destiny and karmic path via the numerology of your Name What does your Name reveal about you? The ...
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Geoffrey owens

Geoffrey Owen’s ‘The Five Fatal Fear Factors’

Getting you out of Fear and into Flow - on stage, on video and in everyday life. As a Thought ...
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Jazz Rasool

Jazz Rasool’s ‘Translate Holistic Language into Business Language’

Helping you get mainstream organisations to buy your holistic services and products. Many tasks in business are spiritual but do ...
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Juliet Yelvertons

Juliet Yelverton’s ‘How To Heal Your Trauma’

This 28 day online programme is designed to take you on a journey to identify and heal any trauma you ...
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Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay’s ‘Wake Up Your Wisdom – 5 Day Discovery Programme’

Equipped with this magical personal resource, you will be able to find answers to questions, solve problems and make decisions ...
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Moria Bush

Moira Bush’s ‘God and Money 7 Day Online Programme’

Step out of poverty mind-set and into abundance by identifying the devils running your finances. One of the most popular ...
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Chrisoula Sirigou

NEW – Chrisoula Sirigou’s ‘Golden Keys To Prosperity’

Set Your Spirit Free to Alchemise Your Life A 21 day programme designed to inspire you to live your eternally ...
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anne whitehouse

NEW – Dr Anne Whitehouse’s ‘How to Phoenix and Reclaim Your Joy’

7-day INSPIRATIONAL ONLINE VIDEO TEACHING Life can be challenging, and we can often end up feeling stuck, depressed, crushed, despairing ...
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Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 14.49.43

NEW – Experience Julia Paulette Hollenbery’s ‘Universe of Deliciousness’

Julia Paulette Hollenbery is an Embodiment Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Writer. She has worked professionally for 25 years with The ...
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fiona radman logo pic CROP

NEW – Fiona Radman’s ‘Connect With Your Inner Guides’

Deepen your intuitive skills to open your life in meaningful and surprising ways A 7 day introductory course designed to ...
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NEW – Fiona Radman’s INTUITIVE YOU!

HOW TO LOVE YOUR SPIRIT AND LIVE IN JOY! You are a powerful creative intuitive soul and you have an ...
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Nick Williams

Nick Willliam’s ‘Resisting Your Soul’ Online Programme

How to overcome the resistance that prevents you from acting on your soul purpose and achieving the life of your ...
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Denny Dcruz

One to One Personal Discovery Session with Kenny D’Cruz

Shift life from 'survival mode', into truly living. Who are you, really? Why is your life exactly as it is ...
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Rachel Elnaugh’s ‘PROSPERITY: How to Magically Manifest More Money’

Would you like to magically manifest more money? Is money a constant worry or niggling concern? Are you struggling with ...
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Rachel Elnaugh’s Feng Shui for Prosperity

All your problems around money are there for the world to see, reflected in your home or office surroundings! When ...
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Richard ashworth's

Richard Ashworth’s One to One iChing Divination

Divine wisdom on why what's currently happening in your life is happening... In this 60 minute one to one session ...
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Sasndy Humby

Sandy Humby’s Rose Alchemy Oracle Set

Whether you use them as inspiration or for guidance, let the power of the Roses whisper to your Heart The ...
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Stephanie J King’s ‘Access Your Happiness Now’

Deepening your connection to LOVE - help all your relationships to become stress free, loving and great This powerful, inspirational, ...
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Sue Stone

Sue Stone’s Daily Motivational Videos

Your daily dose of Sunshine Inspiration from the UK's leading Happiness & Empowerment Coach Change your life for the better ...
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Suzan Kennrad

Susan Kennard’s ‘8 Ways to a Magical Life’

Feel empowered and free to attract and create magic in your life This eight day programme features the 8 powerful ...
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Taz Thornton

Taz Thornton’s ‘How to Find Your Power Animal’

How to tap into the awesome energy of your shamanic Power Animal to help guide you in life Using meditation ...
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