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Best Sellers


NEW – Dr Anne Whitehouse’s Ultimate Stress Buster

Sail through life with ease and grace A 14 day programme to transform the way you react to life Why ...
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Rachel Elnaugh’s Feng Shui for Prosperity

All your problems around money are there for the world to see, reflected in your home or office surroundings! When ...
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Stephanie J King’s ‘Access Your Happiness Now’

Deepening your connection to LOVE - help all your relationships to become stress free, loving and great This powerful, inspirational, ...
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Rachel Elnaugh’s ‘PROSPERITY: How to Magically Manifest More Money’

Would you like to magically manifest more money? Is money a constant worry or niggling concern? Are you struggling with ...
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Moria Bush

Moira Bush’s ‘God and Money 7 Day Online Programme’

Step out of poverty mind-set and into abundance by identifying the devils running your finances. One of the most popular ...
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Juliet Yelvertons

Juliet Yelverton’s ‘How To Heal Your Trauma’

This 28 day online programme is designed to take you on a journey to identify and heal any trauma you ...
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Geoffrey owens

Geoffrey Owen’s ‘The Five Fatal Fear Factors’

Getting you out of Fear and into Flow - on stage, on video and in everyday life. As a Thought ...
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NOW AVAILABLE FREE – Carolyn Cowan’s ‘How to Effortlessly Drink Less Wine’

A 21 video programme designed to support you in transforming your relationship with alcohol - Do you reach for a ...
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