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Christiaan Kyracou

A signed copy of Christian Kyriacou’s book ‘The House Whisperer’

Understand the sacred contract between you and your home "Christian's book is a treasure trove. For those new to the ...
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Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay’s ‘Wake Up Your Wisdom – 5 Day Discovery Programme’

Equipped with this magical personal resource, you will be able to find answers to questions, solve problems and make decisions ...
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anne whitehouse

NEW – Dr Anne Whitehouse’s ‘How to Phoenix and Reclaim Your Joy’

7-day INSPIRATIONAL ONLINE VIDEO TEACHING Life can be challenging, and we can often end up feeling stuck, depressed, crushed, despairing ...
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NEW – Fiona Radman’s INTUITIVE YOU!

HOW TO LOVE YOUR SPIRIT AND LIVE IN JOY! You are a powerful creative intuitive soul and you have an ...
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Sasndy Humby

Sandy Humby’s Rose Alchemy Oracle Set

Whether you use them as inspiration or for guidance, let the power of the Roses whisper to your Heart The ...
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Stephanie J King’s ‘Access Your Happiness Now’

Deepening your connection to LOVE - help all your relationships to become stress free, loving and great This powerful, inspirational, ...
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Sue Stone

Sue Stone’s Daily Motivational Videos

Your daily dose of Sunshine Inspiration from the UK's leading Happiness & Empowerment Coach Change your life for the better ...
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