Energy Practitioner and Healer

Hastings, E Sussex


“My passion is helping people to shift any unwanted emotions, physical problems and limiting beliefs that they may hold, so that they can feel free.”

Susan started her professional life as a psychologist and now incorporates her traditional training, emotional freedom techniques and her fine intuitive skills to empower you to take charge of your life and tap into your inner light to create your own magical experience.

Based in Harley Street and on the South Coast, Susan has developed a series of processes designed to help you transform your beliefs and clear your energy field allowing you to create the life you deserve.



Susan Kennard’s ‘8 Ways to a Magical Life’

Feel empowered and free to attract and create magic in your life

This eight day programme features the 8 powerful key transformative processes that Susan uses in her one to one work to help you facilitate energy clearing and transformation. Each day for 8 days you’ll receive a video instalment plus one bonus video, giving you a guided meditation and process which will allow you to magically shift your energy and manifest different results in your life.


– Energise your life
– Gain freedom
– Learn powerful new processes
– Release old blocks which are standing between you and happiness
– Create harmonious relationships
– Strengthen your self-belief


Susan Kennard’s ‘8 Ways to a Magical Life’ £18.00

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