Huge gratitude to all who have supported SourceTV since its inception on 13 February 2013 – from the 8 ‘early adopters’ who were the first ‘Evolutionaries’ to sign to the platform in April 2013: Amber Sibley (one of the very first Source videos featuring Amber is shown here), Stephanie J King, Chrissy White, Helen Rebello, Rozy Kalliabetsos, Zane Piese, Carl Rodrigues and Michelle Gordon – to the 88 founding shareholders who crowdfunded the company in October 2013 (and also the shareholders who joined us later); everyone who has contributed to or appeared on the platform, as well as the many thousands who have enjoyed our videos, events, tweets and online programmes over the years.

The past fours years have been a huge personal journey of healing, teachings and evolution for me personally – thanks to the many guides, light workers, coaches and mentors who I have worked with as a result of Source – especially Rita Hraiz, Davina MacKail, Adrian Freedman, Sue Stone, Maggie Kay and Richard Ashworth to name but a few. – Rachel x

Our Vision remains unchanged – to be the world’s leading digital publishing platform and marketing portal for Evolutionaries – dedicated to sharing the teachings of how to create Heaven on Earth.

A new Golden Era for mankind.


Kevin Stein and Rachel Elnaugh