Conscious Poet and author ‘A Message from Source’



Grace is the author of ‘A Message from Source’ after winning the national Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition in 2014. She frequently writes for a number of UK magazines such as Watkins MBS, Kindred Spirit and More to Life on a range of themes, from shamanism to the power of poetry, our connection to the environment and natural world to creativity. She has a gift for ‘tuning in’ and ‘birthing blueprints’ through the creative process and her psychic and sensitive abilities, offering Conscious Creations for a number of various occasions. In addition to having her space in the artistic world, she is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal and shamanic healer and works with subtle energy through dream and transcendental meditation states. She is committed to sharing ancient wisdoms and ways to connect to our natural divine healing abilities and holds a number of monthly meet- ups, energy shares, workshops, and ceremonies deeply rooted in our ancestral and celestial connection in London.