aka ‘The Golden Muse’, Broadcaster and Visionary Guide

Crewe, Cheshire

ChriSOULa Sirigou is an inspiring teacher, dedicated educator, radio broadcaster, colour psychologist and visionary guide. An enchanting storyteller, ChriSOULa in Greek meaning the golden lady, is known as The Golden Muse for her colourful personality and adept skill in quickly inspiring people to step into their authentic flow and come home by bringing out their inner golden treasure. She is the hostess of two weekly radio shows about holistic wellbeing, conscious living, personal and creative growth, and the transformational creative capabilities that reside within.


NEW – Chrisoula Sirigou’s ‘Golden Keys to Prosperity’

A 21 day programme designed to inspire you to live your eternally expanding life in Prosperity and Joy.


On this experiential quest journeying back to the golden light, from incarnation into physical form to self realisation, every Golden Key – presented to you by ChriSOULa Sirigou, ‘The Golden Muse’ – acts like a trigger, helping you to dive deeper into the fundamental questions “Who am I”? and “Why Am I here?”

As you walk into the wholeness and completion of pure gold seeking to experience life, yourselves, the Divine in all its forms, you come to know and understand who you are. You are the creator, joyfully manifesting at every step.

This online video documentary series is packed with wisdom tips, range of processes, soothing meditations in colour, ancient healing techniques, inspirational books, exercises and insightful tools offered from ‘The Golden Muse’ herself through the Golden Keys To Prosperity and in a series of interviews with leading prosperity consciousness speakers, authors, educators and change makers.


Each Golden Key smoothes, oils, eases the pathways to more awareness, heartfelt intention and manifestation of our heart’s desires.
 Each Golden Key activates and illuminates our sub-conscious but easily, without drama, chaos or stress.

Each Golden Key offers transparency, an openness of heart that enables us to see who we are, who we are not, what we want and what we don’t want, engaging with our soul’s energy that carries us gently back to love.
Benefits to you:
– What does Prosperity look like?
– How can I connect with my Divinity and my inner Golden power and light?
– How can I connect with my Truth, my IAmness?
– How can I begin to live my I Amness?
– How can I connect with my Heart and Joy?
– How can Gold transmute whatever is mis-aligned within us and combines with the potency of our own light potential?
– What makes true Gold?
– What makes us authentic?
– How can I embrace both the power of the Divine Masculine (integrity, inspired action) and Divine Feminine (softness, gentleness, intuitive expansion)?
– How can I release and letting go of old, dense, limited vibrations, thoughts, beliefs and emotions in the process of remembering and embracing more of our inner golden light?
– What does it mean to be “consciously” generous with Self and others?
– What is Success?
– Breath – our greatest doorway to the gifts of I AM

Are you experiencing a gradual sense of dissatisfaction and disillusion? A newfound sense of remembrance – it can be both a gift and a challenge.
 Are you responding to the call of your Soul who wants you to free yourself from limitation, separation and pain, from a limited or distorted version of who you thought yourself to be?

Are you beginning to experience more joy, freedom, exhilaration, passion, expansion and a feeling of knowing deep within yourself and you know there is more?

We are all in this together. Some a few steps ahead, some a little newer to the path of self alignment with the Source and our Soul purpose.

This programme is perfect for you when you are willing to say Yes! to any of the following possibilities:
• Claim (more of) the Gold waiting to be mined
• Move beyond old ways of living and being
• Acknowledge and choose to get rid of addictions in the form of resentment, 
overwhelm, apparent victimhood incl. stories, dramas and experiences that 
no longer serve you as you reclaim yourself as a conscious creator
• See all your experiences as a mirror reflecting your golden worth
• Practice the Art or The Law of Allowing responding to your soul’s quest to 
be the truth, to be the light in your relationships with your Self, family, community, work, earth and the miracle of life
• Allow the true glorious colours of your beings to reveal themselves.

Prosperity is available to everyone. It is a choice at a soul level that every being is asked to make. Whatever choices you make will be perfect for your own evolution. The Prosperity journey is so rich and rewarding and it becomes a delight and a joy and a journey not to be missed.

We can have it all: Love, Money and Joy.

All is life. All is love. All is One.

Chrisoula Sirigou’s ‘Golden Keys to Prosperity’ – £21

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