Internationally Acclaimed Intuitive Healer and Teacher



Fiona Arrigo is internationally acclaimed as a profoundly intuitive healer, mentor and life teacher, acknowledged as a leader in her field creator of The Arrigo Programme of life-changing retreats and events. Fiona is also a qualified psychotherapist and bio-dynamic psychologist. In addition she draws on experience derived from the long-time study of ancient philosophies and teachings from other cultures. To this background of knowledge, experience and intuition, Fiona applies a practical and human approach. With the ability to go straight to the heart of a problem, she offers understanding, care, gentleness, patience and humour. In this way she helps her clients to find their way to the truth about who they are and learn how to re-balance their lives. The Arrigo Programme, which attracts clients from all over the world, has a profound ability to bring about real life changes.