Vocalist and Songwriter ‘Lucidia & Rafael’



Lucidia Omamori is a vocalist and a songwriter and accompanies herself on the celtic harp. She grew up in a musical home singing backing vocals for her father’s band. She started writing poetry at age 5 and has been writing ever since. At age 18 she moved to California where she decided to follow her path as an artist and began working with various different producers recording her original material. She did session singing in and around the bay area for a wide variety of musical genres. She performed throughout California at festivals, events, in clubs and bars. In 2004 she moved back to the U.K and began playing the harp and performing throughout Britain. She has played at Glastonbury festival and Sunrise festival among others. Her voice has featured on “It’s a bright new day”, an album produced by world music composer Stephen Bellm and she has already recorded vocals for his new album. She also sung on an ambient album by Charlie Roscoe.