As British politics descends into even more chaos, we’re still being inspired by the wisdom coming from Marianne Williamson – who continues her campaign to become US President, despite not being selected by the Democrat Party to take part in the most recent national debates.

During her most recent talk live streamed on 27 September 2019 from Las Vegas (video above, commencing at c 3minutes in)  she makes a very valid point:  Many people have become so disillusioned with politics that they don’t even bother to engage, or vote.  

In the last US Presidential election in 2016 only 138 million of the 250 million eligible voted.

In the UK only 72% of the eligible 46million voted in the 2016 EU referendum.

If you watch The Great Hack’ on Netflix – which exposes how political parties increasingly use PsyOps Social Media Manipulation via companies like Cambridge Analytica to win elections (both Trump and Leave campaigns employed this), and now characters like Boris Johnson’s Head of Staff Dominic Cummings, who is an expert in it – you will know that APATHY was actually used as a political tool by Cambridge Analytica to assist the United National Congress party winning against the People’s National Movement Party in the Trinidad and Tobago elections of 2015.

During her talk in San Francisco this Summer Marianne had this to say to the spiritual community:

“I have long felt that those of us who feel strongly about higher consciousness and evolution in the human race are the last people who should be standing on the sidelines in weighing in on the economic, social and political issues of our day.
We should be the biggest grown-ups in the room”

Marianne Williamson Meme If you don;t do politics politics will do you

It’s time for us all to get off our ‘high flying discs’ (in the belief that it may ‘lower our vibration’ to get involved in politics) and start looking into what is truly going on in the way we are being governed.

Rachel Elnaugh

Source Co-creator

28 September 2019