Deepen your intuitive skills to open your life in meaningful and surprising ways

A 7 day introductory course designed to help you connect to your inner spirit guides

Guidance comes through your sixth sense, and when you learn to deepen your intuitive skills,
life opens up in meaningful and surprising ways. In comes more specific guidance, advice and creative solutions, and you can start accessing answers to your life questions and challenges.

Each day for 7 days you’ll receive a short video showing you how to deepen your intuitive skills and open up to divine guidance. You can watch the videos at your leisure as many times as you wish.

Benefits to you:

– Life becomes easier with less stress
– You get more information so you can make better decisions
– You are supported, you have company – it’s good not to be alone
– The advice is sometimes very down-to-earth – “go to bed early!”
– The connection is heart-based, so you become more open-hearted
– You receive more ideas and inspirations, you become more open-minded
– You become more authentically “you”
– Your guides can amuse you and make you laugh!
– Your guides nudge you into following your joy so you shift towards your true soul purpose

Fiona Radman’s ‘Connect With Your Inner Guides’ – Special Introductory Offer £11

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Fiona Radman, Intuitive

Fiona is passionate about inspiring people to live happier, more fulfilling and less stressful lives by making simple changes based on understanding their incredible intuitive abilities, and that guidance and creative solutions flow from deepening the connection to their spirit guides. She teaches at workshops as well as producing online video courses.

Trained over the last 8 years and certified and endorsed by her teacher well known author, speaker and psychic Sonia Choquette, Fiona also delights in helping people resolve soul and life challenges through clairvoyant readings. These readings appear in the form of colourful visions or metaphorical images that often develop like a mini-movie, combines with verbal guidance from the client’s Spirit Guides and Higher Selves.

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“Fiona Radman is a wonderful practical guide and down to earth teacher here to help women connect with their intuition, let go of their stresses and create a joyful life right here and right now” – Rebecca Campbell, Hay House author of “Light Is the New Black” and “Rise Sister Rise”.