Creator of Magenta Circle

Gailey, Staffs


Philippa’s journey to the creation of Magenta Circle began with the discovery and subsequent removal of a spinal cord tumour in 2000 which was her catalyst for change. This near-death experience made her start to live differently, be grateful for her life and tread a different path altogether… When she was first diagnosed, she regularly visited Minnie Ellis, a spiritual healer, who founded Stafford Spiritualist Church in 1992. Over the following years, her thirst for knowledge on all things spiritual grew and this, combined with her love of history, led her to such passions as the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene, the Ark of the Covenant and Ascension. She’s passionate about bringing these fascinating subjects to like-minded people and this led to the creation of Magenta Circle. In her own words “If I could be a female Robert Langdon I would be”! Philippa was already running her design business Be Smart Design from a beautiful converted church in Gailey and as more space became available it made sense to put it to good use by hosting Magenta Circle events there. The church even features a space ship in the stained glass windows!



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If you love subjects like Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry, Knights Templar and the Holy Grail, Ascension, Secret Societies, Egyptian Mythology and Ancient Wisdom then Magenta Circle is for you.

Magenta Circle was formed as a forum to gather together fabulously interesting speakers on these wonderful esoteric themes and we’ve now extended the Circle into an online community where you can meet and share ideas with other devotees as well as watch all past and future events on video.


• Access to the entire archive of past events including internationally acclaimed authorities Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Jonathan Black and William Henry
• Membership of a secret Facebook group where you can discuss past and upcoming events with like-minded people and share your own insights and wisdom
• One free guest ticket every time you book a ticket for a Magenta Circle event, so that you may bring a friend along to enjoy the experience with you

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