Ayni Foundation (created by Evolutionaries Davina Mackail and Nizami Cummins) are delighted to present the 2016 itinerary for ‘The Pilgrimage to Peru’ which has been designed to expose you to the shamanic teachings of several authentic Peruvian lineages, including at least 3 ceremonies with medicine plants.

This is not a tourist trip. It is a pilgrimage to some very sacred parts of the planet. You will be carried by the grandeur of the land and the love of the people, being exceptionally well cared for on all levels, from logistics to the spiritual. Through ceremony and shamanic work, you will approach the Great Plant Teachers and Apus, mountain spirits, whose magic affords the possibility of a life-changing experience.

While every effort has been made to assure your safety and comfort, please bear in mind Peru is an underdeveloped country and plans may sometimes change to accommodate circumstances. If they do, it is only to allow something even more magical to take place.

Whatever happens, rest assured our journey to Peru will involve teachings from many Peruvian traditions, and include (optionally) at least 3 ceremonies with medicine plants.
Puma Quispe is our shamanic ‘master of ceremonies’. Taught traditional shamanic practice by his grandfather and other masters since childhood, he speaks Quechua, Spanish and English–all three with delicious humour. Everyone who meets him remembers his wise  and joyful spirit.
All the masters we work with demonstrate the generosity that comes from genuine inspiration. It is a great pleasure for them to share the depth, humour and wisdom of their paths and traditions.
Carl Hyatt and Davina Mackail have worked with the Q’ero since 2002. Both trace their shamanic lineage back to Puma and his family. Nizami has worked with the indigenous people of Peru since 2007 and accompanied the 2014 and 2015 pilgrimages.
We very much look forward to sharing this awesome, magical journey with you. It really is the journey of a lifetime!
For more details and to book visit http://ayni.foundation/peru-2016/