12 June 2019

This week we were alerted to a security issue within the Vimeo platform which allows anyone with the Vimeo ‘player link’ to potentially access and view ALL hidden videos on a user’s platform.  

Despite immediately alerting the Vimeo support team of this security breach, this issue has not been taken seriously nor rectified – so today we found ourselves with no choice but to delete the Source Vimeo account to preserve the privacy & confidentiality of our clients.

Those of you who have been loyal customers of Vimeo from the beginning will know that many of the system features which were originally free have been migrated up into the Plus, Pro, Premium and Business packages.  Somewhere in these platform changes the system moved from only showing public videos at the end of a ‘hidden’ video to offering up all other ‘hidden’ videos for viewing.

Vimeo’s suggested solution – of going in and changing the setting on every video – which would have involved updating the many hundreds of videos we have uploaded over the past 6 years – was simply impractical.

(If you have a Vimeo account we suggest you check this out for yourself by seeing what is offered for viewing at the end of any of your videos.)

As a result of this action you will no longer be able to access any video which we have previously uploaded to Vimeo.  We have deleted all obvious places where Vimeo videos were embedded in our site but there may be some ‘Sorry Video Not Found’ blackspots in old pages.  

We store all our videos on hard drive and are currently looking at other ways to make them available securely over the internet.

Best wishes

Rachel Elnaugh



Co-founder and Director Source UnLimited

Entrepreneur, former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon, creator of the experiences brand ‘Red Letter Days’, published author, professional speaker and mentor.