Today, on the Winter Solstice at 18:22 UK time, Jupiter will align with Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

This Great Conjunction is enormous, literally and figuratively.

In many ways, this is a new beginning and in many other ways traditions are to end.

Some call it the “Great Shift”, others call it a separation between the conscious and the ones that remained chained. Whichever way, a great metamorphosis is taking place, and a new path for humanity will be visible. As Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, you can see how massive amounts of people are awakening to evolve society.

Beautifully articulated by Source Evolutionary Darpan in this video:

In this revelation of change, those previously content with where they were will rebel, while many others are already creating and implementing their Vision of the Future. This Great Conjunction will set the tone for 2021 and beyond.

The rulers of the old System will attempt to create maximum dissonance in an attempt to hold on to power.  

Do not allow yourself to be pulled off centre!  

To be ‘triggered’ into Fight Flight or Freeze.  

Resource yourself (via meditation, taking time in Nature, resonant music, nourishing food, yoga, breathwork, good hydration etc.) so that you can remain in the Eye of the Storm; in vertical alignment.  

From this place of ‘zero point’, allow Source energy to flow through you – like the breath of Krishna moving through a hollow flute – and only then, move to inspired action in the 3D realm.

It will only take a critical mass of Evolutionaries to inspire the global transformation to make manifest a new Golden Era – of Love Peace Joy Harmony and Prosperity for ALL beings – into 3D Reality.

Nothing can stop this transformation now ~ it can only be slowed via dissonance.

Remember, God is LOVE and LOVE is a perfect harmonic resonance.  

Keep your instrument ‘in tune’.

Where there is chaos bring order.  


For more astrological insight, here’s Source astrologer Pam Gregory: