Master of The Hero’s Journey

Okehampton, Devon


Darren always dreamed of living an extraordinary life and assumed the secret lay somewhere within the realms of success and spirituality. He spent most of his teens and twenties studying economics, business, politics, and technology, and at the same time, immersed himself into every personal and spiritual development program available. By his early thirties, he created a successful career as a change management consultant in the IT industry and experienced an incredible array of spiritual disciplines; however, the extraordinary life he was constantly searching for kept eluding him. It wasn’t until he learnt how to master his intuitive wisdom and travel along his own Hero’s Journey that he was able to progressively create the life of his dreams. Since 2000 Darren’s singular passion has been the mastery of the Hero’s Journey and the principles of intuition. Over the course of sixteen years, he has had the privilege of working with extraordinary people from all around the world, who he has served to go on their own unique Hero’s Journey, to live their Greatness and create lives they truly love.