Creator of ‘Energy Diamond’ holistic coaching

Crouch End, London


The Energy Diamond resonance engine provides a system that identifies what a person truly resonates with and helps them engage with it to fulfill their true purpose in Life and Work. It’s main focus is to establish and enable values to authentically live by and to develop them into valuable contributions to a persons life and personal mission. The engine uses internet based software that scientist and business coach Jazz Rasool developed through several years of research with hundreds of coaching and consultancy clients. Combined with live consultation with a Resonance Engine coach, the software can help you precisely discover your drives and inertia and then empower you to manage them so you can come to live a life of genuine meaning, vitality and purpose.



Helping you get mainstream organisations to buy your holistic services and products.

Many tasks in business are spiritual but do not use spiritual language to describe or document what is being done. Far from avoiding corporations you can now engage with them and make a difference to people who are not the converted. The programme includes four videos totalling 1hr 45mins and a PDF covering key Business terms relating to Holistic themes.


– Ensure corporate executives understand your holistic offering by using their language
– Present at Business conferences on your work and help prospective clients see the benefit of your offering in their own terms
– Write better Web and Social Media copy that draws business executives
– Attract customers who normally avoid ‘New Age’ approaches yet want to do something meaningful and accountable for their business.
– Create Audio and Video content tailored for corporate consumption
– Influence civil servants and those in government using terminology they use to make policy.


Jazz Rasool’s ‘Translate Holistic Language into Business Language’ £15.00

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