All of the greatest changes in society across history have been created from OUTSIDE of Govern-ment (control-mind) – by the Entrepreneurs, the Creatives, the Innovators, the Artists, the Evolutionaries.

This is why we are asking you to align with us as we corral those operating from the heart to form a Grid of Light.

To illuminate the way for those in pain and suffering to find their way out of the labyrinth.

A communications platform which is fully encrypted and non-surveilled – filled with enlightened Evolutionaries, creating nourishing content.

Not so much a business as a MOVEMENT – inspired to lift the consciousness of the collective.

To birth this we are Visioning the manifestation of cash resources…  Primarily to create the technology required to make the platform mobile friendly, ultra-simple and easy to use.

If there is any amount that you feel able to tithe us to fuel this initiative right now, no matter how small, we will remain eternally grateful.


Every person who donates, no matter how big or small their contribution, will receive invitations to monthly online forums (via Zoom), hosted by Source co-creator Rachel Elnaugh, where we will be collectively discussing the issues of our times.