Pioneer in Trauma Healing

Glastonbury, Somerset


Juliet Yelverton is esteemed for her work with clients suffering from trauma. She runs a Healing Retreat Centre, Healing Waters Sanctuary, in Glastonbury UK where she offers workshops on Pre and Peri Natal trauma resolution alongside personal therapeutic work addressing any type of trauma. Additionally she offers a range of alternative therapies and designs retreat programmes for individuals needing rest and time out from the stress of their busy lives. She has also launched a number of organic growing projects, including Healing Gardens Cooperative, Glastonbury. Juliet has offered her healing hands to help people for many years and has comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of what is needed to give a rocket boost to someone’s life to help them steer themselves to where their soul aspires them to be. Juliet is deeply empathic and compassionate as well as being a focussed, inspiring individual who has a deep concern for the restoration of the planet to peace and harmony. She works to empower each individual in order to make that vision manifest. Although personally drawing upon Buddhism for her spiritual direction, she honours each spiritual path and has made Healing Waters an Interfaith Sanctuary.



This 28 day online programme is designed to take you on a journey to identify and heal any trauma you may be suffering

Trauma can often be caused by an extreme event that overwhelms one’s physical and emotional defences, often with a sense of impending death. This can be a personal experience or witnessing someone else in this situation. But it can also be a series of repetitive events that, over a period of time, tip the balance leaving a feeling of being unable to cope anymore.

Trauma resolution therapy is learning how to apply ‘the brakes’ to the reptilian brain, or amygdala, to switch it off and to come back into the present moment awareness and to know that you are now safe. Trauma therapy is also educational, learning what to do to change the extreme patterns of response that have been set into the nervous system by the traumatic experience.

The programme consists of four key exercises delivered over four weeks, each delivered daily to help you identify where your body has ‘closed down’ as part of its coping mechanism and to anchor the changes that you need to make to resolve your trauma.


– Understand where you may have ‘closed down’ as your body’s coping strategy
– Create a safe loving space for you to open back up in confidence
– Reset your response patterns
– Shape a new life beyond what happened in the past
– Create the future you want
– Feel safe and free from fear


Juliet Yelverton’s ‘How To Heal Your Trauma’ £13.00

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