Shaman and Healer

Brighton, Sussex


Nominated for his shamanic ceremonial work Julian Jurak is a highly respected shaman based in Peru who works extensively in the UK. “In this amazing time in the Earth’s history it is more important than ever to cleanse ourselves of toxins and pollutants as well as dysfunctional ancestral programs and family wounds. We enter the sacred lodge of the elders, in surrender to all that is. We call upon the seven directions and all the elements, asking for healing from the mountain and animal spirits, the ancestors and luminous beings and shamans that have gone before us. After we surrender and are empowered through four gates we emerge empowered and cleansed on all levels or our being. We are soul family coming together to share prayers from our hearts and sacred healing songs, to support each other and release what is no longer serving us. Unburdened, we can bring in a new, higher vibration of joy, light, love and abundance.”