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Liz Ivory

Co Founder of Broadband Consciousness

Northampton, Northants


After a traumatic childhood, Liz embarked on a journey of self improvement. Over 17 years she studied & became qualified in a wide variety of transformational therapies, from NLP to Reiki to Hypnosis to the more adventurous Firewalking. Although these were great tools, none of them really changed the relationship that she had with herself. It was only after extensively running workshops with her partner Richard Wilkins that they realised something crucial was missing. Although well intentioned, the majority of personal development programmes create as many problems as they solve. The answer to Liz and Richard’s searching is ‘Broadband Consciousness’, the amazing 5 day program at the School for Superheroes. Not only has this totally changed Liz’s identity and therefore her life, it has also had phenomenal success with all the Superheroes who’ve completed the program.


In June 2016 we asked the public to nominate who they felt were the UK's leading Evolutionaries of our time. The list of 144 was distilled from hundreds of nominations to give a cross section of those people creating a new way of being on our planet.

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