Spiritual Singer and MD Blissful Records

Launceston, Cornwall


“When we speak, sing, dance, or work from a place of authenticity, what we say or do has power. When someone is authentic you really believe what he or she are saying, their inner world matches their outer one. In spiritual terms I’ve heard it described as the power of purity. For me it’s real honesty. When we operate in the world from our true self, acting from the values we hold dear and using truth as our compass we experience a lasting success built on solid foundations. An authentic life is one of purpose, filled with supportive close relationships. A life that balances rewarding work with relaxing times that nourish the spirit. One lived with a healthy mind and body. This is true success. An authentic person has the ability to stand in front of anyone and feel that yes I am good enough just as I am. I do not need to wear a mask or play a role. I walk with confidence into a future where I know I can handle whatever challenge may come my way. I know myself and I respect myself.” In addition to creating spiritual music, Lucinda has been teaching meditation and self- empowerment for 14 years.