Equipped with this magical personal resource, you will be able to find answers to questions, solve problems and make decisions from the deeper, wiser part of yourself that knows best.

This easy, uplifting and powerful programme enables you to find, activate and consult with your own ever-ready, trustworthy inner wisdom.

Simply relax each day with short guided meditation, video lesson and bonus resource to take you on your transformational journey. Allow 30 minutes a day for this programme. (Day 3 requires 50 mins) Waking up your wisdom is a life changer!

Benefits to you:

The Wake Up Your Wisdom discovery programme equips you to:

– Easily connect with your own powerful source of inner wisdom
– Relax into a simple, fast and effective meditation habit
– Answer questions, solve problems and make wise decisions
– Develop intuition and discover when to trust your hunches
– Feel calm, clear, positive and confident in everyday life

Maggie Kay’s ‘Wake Up Your Wisdom – 5 Day Discovery Programme’ ¬£8.00

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About Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay is the Inner Wisdom Coach and founder of Thrivecraft. Maggie can help you awaken your own inner wisdom so that you can answer questions, solve problems and make the best decisions in your life, relationships and business. Thousands worldwide – including Source co-founder, Rachel Elnaugh, who has qualified as an accredited Thrivecraft Practitioner – have woken up their own inner wisdom via personal coaching, Thrivecraft programmes, workshops, retreats and Maggie’s specially created guided meditation – Ask Your Inner Wisdom.em>