Understand the sacred contract between you and your home

“Christian’s book is a treasure trove. For those new to the subject this is an informative, empowering and highly entertaining read that will open your mind to unimagined realms. For those coming from a deeper level of understanding, what grabs your solar plexus is that Christian is coming from a level of Truth with a capital T. For too long practitioners in this field have propounded the myth that ‘bad homes’ just happen to you. Not only does he dispel this, but instead takes you on a journey of why any of us attract these sort of energies to ourselves and our homes in the first place, thereby providing the key to living a happier, healthier life. The clincher is the diversity of gripping real life stories – and his vast, vast on-the-job experience and profound understanding of his subject. Inspiring!” – Elizabeth Brown, author of DOWSING

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Benefits to you:

– Understand the energy of your home
– How to achieve resonance and harmony
– Practical help on how to sell your home especially if it is ‘stuck’ on the market
– How the principles of Sacred Geometry create harmonious spaces
– Insights into the energy of places and land
– How to enhance your prosperity, health and happiness

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About Christian Kyriacou

Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer, works with people to enable them to experience and understand the correlation between their ‘inner home’ and the external home in which they live.

Working with the spatial energy of buildings, he shows us how to sense and feel the vibration of our homes in relation to sound and sacred geometry. These hidden energies ultimately affect our wellbeing, whether we are aware of it or not.

His approach embodies a unique blend of scientific and esoteric skills and intuitive insight, fusing disciplines including Feng Shui and various energy processes to align our connection to where we live. This powerful healing transformation enhances buildings and improves people’s lives simply by bringing them into resonance with their surroundings.

His aim is to inspire and help people find clarity and success in all aspects of life.