Ntathu Allen is a yoga teacher, who specialises in the areas of yoga for stress relief, healing and inner wellbeing. She teaches professional and business women, who want to enjoy a calm, healthy and abundant life, learn how to relax, reduce stress and make time for yourself so you can stop rushing around and feeling overwhelmed – which means you enjoy a more positive, productive and peaceful day (even if you are swamped with work!) She shares her extensive knowledge of yoga through her inspirational and spiritual range of ezine articles, blogs and Kindle eBooks and offers private Hatha yoga and guided meditation lessons as well as corporate and community based classes and workshops. Ntathu believes that taking time out of your busy schedule to relax, reduce stress and re-energise helps you be a happier person.


Bring peace to your life within 7 days

In this new 7 day programme designed for busy mothers and working women, Ntathu Allen takes you through a series of guided meditations, videos of relaxation tips and affirmations to bring you to a place of peace.

You’ll receive an instalment via email each day for 7 days which you can watch at your leisure again and again.

Ntathu is happy for you to email her with your feedback, and for guidance.

Benefits to you:

– A programme designed to relax and de-stress you over 7 days
– A daily meditation for calm
– 7 days of videos each with a quick relaxation tip to reduce stress
– 7 daily affirmations and motivational messages to inspire and nurture your soul
– Love and peace

Ntathu Allen’s ‘Relax and De-stress’ ¬£7.00

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