Divine wisdom on why what’s currently happening in your life is happening…

In this 60 minute one to one session Richard will ask you to toss three identical coins (choose any three from your purse or wallet) six times to create a hexagram relating to the iChing or ‘Book of Changes’. From this reading Richard will give you divine wisdom on what is going on in your life, helping you understand the energies which are currently affecting you.

Richard Ashworth’s One to One iChing Divination ¬£95.00

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About Richard Ashworth

Richard Ashworth is probably best known for introducing authentic Chinese Imperial Feng Shui to BBC TV’s Housebusters and for his book The Feng Shui Diaries which, apart from anything else, may be the funniest book on the subject. As well as being known internationally for his ground breaking transformational work with the ba zi or Four Pillars of Destiny, he describes himself as a “long term student” of both the Book of Changes and the Course in Miracles. In response to today’s global emergencies he is embracing sacred activism.em>