Shamanic Etheric Healer, Tantrica, Artist and Clothes Designer

Glastonbury, Somerset


Born in London in 1963, Rita Hraiz’s rich heritage stems from her Hindu-Indian father and Catholic-Lebanese mother. At the age of seven Rita’s father taught her to meditate and with that, as well as her strong dream recall abilities, Rita had many visions and strong spiritual experiences starting from a young age. Feeling unsatisfied with the religious teachings at her school, at age 11 Rita began a recapitulation of Tibetan lineage and later went on to be recognized by various Tibetan Lamas. In 1993 Rita had several full power Kundalini experiences which began a strong wake up process; the study of the science of Kundalini and white tantra as well as Ageless Wisdom. Both Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology are strong foundations for Rita’s powerful Shamanic Work with various sacred plant teachers over the last 12 years. Working around the world for the past six years, Rita creates very deep and nurturing shamanic healing retreats. Fostering a sacred temple space that supports feelings of safely those who heal with Rita expand in consciousness and journey to the center of their BEING. Those who work with Rita receive teachings of the Grandmother’s deepest wisdom and begin the clearing process of conditioned imprints that limit. Through this sacred healing one can find the compassion to let go of past wounds and transform back in the light of love and free the wheel of illusion, the wheel of Samsara. Within the context of this work Rita encourages allowing and opening to the highest aspects of divinity, the electric fires of bliss and the light that comes in order to lift the blood lines. Rita’s work with women’s circles in Sacred Sensual Medicine are notoriously profound and a nurturing and safe space for the sisters. Exploring and sharing the places where violation of the boundaries occurred and going deep with the teachings of the grandmother brings an enormous amount of transformation. This work is dedicated to a collective healing of deep-seated abuse within our species, which has arisen to be addressed head on. Rita’s commitment to selfless service to humanity supports an accelerated wake up process through meeting of the self and finding the ultimate alignment to source. Rita also has a successful Eco luxury clothing collection, Colour Conscious Clothing, available for viewing at