Anarchic Comedian and Spiritual Revolutionary



“I think this is an interesting time, I think people are once again interested in formulating a different society, people are bored with the current cultural narrative that supports elitism. I think it’s time for a spiritual revolution. The planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass, we are exploiting poor people all over the world and the genuine legitimate problems of the people are not being addressed. We need a spiritual revolution more than a political one. I believe profoundly in the power of humanity in connecting. I believe we are all connected and there is an inevitability that there will be a successful revolution. I think this is a changing consciousness that we are all experiencing meaning we will survive. There has to be massive and radical changes in power structures. We need to look at the world as one inclusive identity, we need to look at how many people are on the planet and look at what resources are available and the most sensible things to do. In the U.S., the 400 richest people have as much as 185 million people, over 60 percent of the population. As absurd as that is, on a global scale, the richest 85 people have as much as 3.5 billion people, half of humanity! I believe in Oneness but we all believe so much in our relative identities, these flesh puppets. I do also believe in individualism and personal identity, but these things are transient, what’s really important what defines us is things we all share like unity and togetherness. As long as we have cultural narratives that suppress these ideas and even rubbish these ideas in favour of selfishness, lust and greed and as long as we believe in these selfish ideas we will be exploited by corporations that prey on all these negative facets of humanity. There is going to be a revolution. It is going to happen. I haven’t got a flicker of doubt this is the end. This is time to wake up. There may have been darkness for thousands of years but as soon as the match is struck there is light there. The light is coming.”
With gratitude to where the full article written by Russell Brand was published.