Conscious Connector



I’ve always had a passion for life and loved making others laugh. I’ve been on quite an epic hero’s journey if I do say so myself; from petty crimes to professional burglar. From drug dealing gangster and serving a small sentence in jail to lead actor in a 19 million dollar movie. This all turned upside down and inside out when in 2008 I had what is termed a ‘peak experience’ that left me questioning my whole existence and then slowly rewiring all that I had become. This sparked the life altering decision to never lie again; that’s a lot is easier said than done in a world built on a foundation of lies and deception. Diving deep into the exploration of society and cult-ure I soon realised that speaking truth is a revolutionary act. It’s a courageous decision to walk the pathless path and question everything while assuming nothing. As you may have already read; I’m not into labels and name tags but I like to say I am a curious alchemist, an ambassador of love and on a mission to share the simple yet powerful art of ‘Transparent Communication’ which I term ‘The language of Love’ with all those I get the gift of sharing space with. My inquiry into truth has lead me to explore the hidden and taboo aspects of our sexuality and the power of our genitals to cultivate real love and move us beyond psychological fear. We may just be able to heal ourselves of all the suffering we’ve endured before we completely wipe ourselves out into oblivion.