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144 Evolutionary

Cosmic Healer and creator of the Starlight oils & essences

Shaftesbury, Dorset


“Korani means ‘cosmic healer’ and embodies the essence of all that I am and all that I offer through my work and being. My energy is that of a catalyst, opening you to possibilities and triggering your own incredible potential.” In November 2005 Korani met the founder of Colour Mirrors Melissie Jolly for the first time when she trained as a Teacher of Colour and is now privileged to work closely alongside Melissie in the ongoing adventure that is Colour Mirrors. Her love of writing and colour has led her to write three books that each carry a powerful energy signature which is transmitted through the words. In 2012 she began, with Melissie, the co-creation of the Starlights, a set of sparkling coloured oils and essences which bring us into contact with our highest qualities and light.  The set continues to grow and evolve. Korani is trained in Reiki (to Masters level), NLP, Natural Nutrition, Reconnective Healing, various forms of meditation, Colour Therapy and Metatronic Healing and she is a Oneness Blessing (deeksha) giver.