Visionary Coach

Burgess Hill, W Sussex


Soleira has many passions and visions for this world, all of them based on the fact that we are all amazing beings, infinite in nature and scope, co-sourcing an incredible new world together. She’s an author, having written 6 books on the topics of genius, transformation, consciousness, visionary creation and the latest – a fantastical, creation story. As a thought leader and consciousness creator, she’s always creating the next new way for us to live more brilliantly, powerfully and impactfully, addicted to the limitless possibilities that Life has on offer for us all. She’s a visionary coach, having sourced a body of work on quantum transformation. She loves helping others fulfill their greater potential and realise their grandest visions. As a genius accelerator, she’s been unleashing the genius in 7+ billion people as she’s coached and trained people the world over. In 2015 she hosted the Genius World Conference to celebrate a new paradigm of genius business and social innovation. She’s the Founder / CEO of the Visionary Network: Empowering people to make a difference and play their part in creating a vibrant new world and the Genius Company: Sourcing a new paradigm of genius leadership and collaborative innovation for the world.