Astrologer and NLP Expert

Salisbury, Wilts


David has over 18 years of professional Astrological experience, during which time he has created the innovative advanced self development course ‘The Dynamics of Astrology’, and the new models of astrological practice such as the theory of ‘Astrobiography’. From his experience as a practicing astrologer, David discovered that clients who had endured harrowing events in their history, or had unresolved problems rooted in their unconscious, needed more than just the clear understanding one can gain from astrology; they needed an additional therapeutic intervention in order to resolve, heal and transform their lives. After some searching, he encountered the Harrisonian Institute with its eclectic blend of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychobiology, Time-line Therapy and Gestalt work. In the early 1990’s he undertook training with both Michael Harrison and the renowned Dr. Richard Bandler of SNLP: co-founder and creator of NLP. David Charles Rowan is an internationally registered Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP with both the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Harrisonian Institute.