aka Barefoot Doctor, Taoist Healer and Magician



Barefoot Doctor Stephen Russell’s first book ‘Handbook for the Urban Warrior’ published in 1998 made him an early pioneer in the evolution of consciousness and inspired many other healers, authors and light workers. His particular skill is in making ancient Taoist healing methods accessible, relevant, quick and easy to follow for busy people in the modern world. As well as Taoist techniques and philosophy, there’s a foundation in humanistic psychology, Buddhism, Hinduism, Existentialism, Shamanism and timeless common sense. He also worked with eminent psychiatrist RD Laing, with whom for three intensive years Stephen studied the human condition from the existentialist, humanistic position and gained invaluable experience working with patients in severely mentally distressed states. Stephen also spent four years living with a Native American tribe in New Mexico soaking in the shamanistic approach, and simultaneously qualifying as a doctor of acupuncture (and energy healing) in Santa Fe. Following this he ran the world’s busiest acupuncture and healing practice from 1983 ’til 2000, treating Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Pink Floyd and Robert de Niro. He wrote a weekly column for the UK’s national Sunday newspaper The Observer for five years, has been a regular on radio and national TV and hosted his own TV show. Stephen spends his time making healing music and writing books: 17 published to date, three more soon to see daylight, running a series of online training courses, retreats, giving talks, running groups in mental health centres as well as coaching individuals.