Spiritual Teacher and Empath

Exeter, Devon


Wendy used to believe that we were born, we lived then we died and became dust. A banker for 10 years life was black and white but in the summer of 2001 her view of life changed dramatically due to a near death experience. This transformational experience initially appeared to be part of a terrible tragedy. She contracted Necrotising Fasciitis (more commonly known as the flesh eating bug) following the birth of her 3rd child, during this time she lost 2/3rds of the flesh on her torso, her womb and ovaries had to be removed and her feet were badly damaged by septicemia. She spent 3 months bed bound in hospital. Meeting with the absolute peace and Unconditional Love in the moment of near death changed her life forever and began a journey of self-discovery. This fascinating journey resulted in an unfolding of worldly and ‘other worldly’ teachings and trainings. Wendy has worked with experts around the globe on spiritual awakening, mindset, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Constellation work, Shiatsu and Psychology along the way, as well as continuing to be to taught through automatic writing and channelling. She is the author of ‘Process and Prosper: Why it is essential to cry, stamp your feet and get angry and how it can save your life’. This little book, deliberately kept short so you can read it in an hour, is a manual for the emotions. It offers you 7 simple steps to expand beyond the intellect and discover the fountain of knowledge, guidance and wisdom contained inside you.