Biodynamic Beekeeper and creator of VonnyBee Bee products



Yvonne has worked in Complimentary Medicine for several years assisting people back to health using remedies made from Mother Nature. During this time she has chosen to abstain from using chemicals in her home, garden and on her body. Whilst living in France she met a apitherapist/apiculturist who taught her the way of the Bee and how the products produced by the bees in the hive can benefit our health. She became a Beekeeper and in keeping with the principles of living a chemical free existence has abstained from ever using chemicals in the hive, on the bees or in their environment. She follows the Rudolf Steiner Bio-dynamic method of Beekeeping whereby you utilise the harmonious energies of the sun and the moon. She treats the hive with homeopathic remedies. All the Vonnybee products are free from any harmful chemicals and are made completely naturally and bursting with the intention of love. Bees are Yvonne’s passion and daily she is amazed at how they contribute to life and our existence.