This is an eight day video series, designed to help you to introduce more vibrant food into your life with delicious ease and simplicity …. It is, quite literally, a taster!

This 8 day experience gives you a real insight into the way that your food choices affect the way you look and feel. You could start to feel better almost immediately, by starting your day with one of the smoothies and gradually building more of the other plant based dishes into your meals. There is no need to change everything at once. Gently including a little more delicious vibrant food each day will help you to naturally develop a taste for the powerful nutrients that make you look younger whilst feeling energised and alive. On day 1 you will receive an introductory video with advice on gathering all of your ingredients for the series and your first vibrant food video demonstration with the recipe and directions. On each of the following 7 days you will receive one or two vibrant food video demonstrationsaccompanied by the recipes and directions on how to create each dish. This video series gives you all you need to start your journey to vibrant health … whatever your age!

Chrissy White’s ‘Stay Magnetic Sensuous & Juicy…. 8 Days to Eat Yourself Happy!’ ¬£12.00

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About Chrissy White

Chrissy has over 17 years’ experience in powerful shamanic energy techniques, ancient healing and how superfood can transform your energy. Formerly one of Anita Roddick’s original Body Shop team, Chrissy is a living example of how to look agelessly radiant when you transform your life via the food you eat and the way you manage your personal energy.em>