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Carolyn Cowan

Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Addiction Therapist

Sanderstead, Surrey


Carolyn works with all issues around addiction, sexuality and sexual function, including couples work, relational difficulties, erectile dysfunction, same-sex, intimacy and loss of desire. Carolyn is a Kundalini Yoga teacher with a long-term awareness of hormonal and structural transformation through posture and breath manipulation. Her work can include posture and meditation if required. Therapy with Carolyn can help with mastering the addictive personality, sexual compulsion and pornography use, relational and intimacy issues including those in pregnancy and post-natally. Regular therapy working with anger, anxiety, family history and abuse is also included in her work.



A 21 video programme designed to support you in transforming your relationship with alcohol

– Do you reach for a large glass of chardonnay at the end of a busy, stressful day?
– Do you use alcohol to zone out from the pressures of demanding kids?
– Do you find yourself over-indulging at parties and having to cope with one too many hangovers?
– Is your drinking affecting your relationship or your work?
– Do you find that once you start drinking that one glass is never enough?
– Do you find yourself doing undesirable things under the influence of booze?
– Are you under pressure from your partner, parents or siblings to change the way you drink?

If you are feeling the need to manage, control or cut down on how you drink (we’ve used the word wine but this could refer to beer, spirits or any form of alcohol) this new 21 video programme has been designed especially for you. It’s not about giving wine up completely (although it may inspire you to do that!) just to give you lots of advice, tools and techniques which will transform your relationship with alcohol.

You’ll discover:
– Your ‘alcohol identity’ – clarity on when and why you drink
– How to make a drinking contract which is easy to stick to
– How to decline wine especially in social situations
– A technique which instantly stops your craving for alcohol
– How to handle other cravings which come through when you drink less e.g. sugar, cigarettes, food
– Why booze is a disaster to your intuitive/psychic abilities
– Dissolving the ‘euphoric recall’ around the romance of drinking
– How to empower yourself rather than willpower yourself
– The link between mood, anxiety, alcohol and sugar – and how to resolve it
– The tricky relationship between wine and unhappiness/depression
– Numerous ways to shift your energy simply and instantly
– The Vagus Nerve and its link to drinking
– How to avoid the ‘slippery slope to Hell’


Carolyn Cowan’s ‘How to Effortlessly Drink Less Wine’

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