Energetic Technician



The natural multi-dimensional awareness that characterised David’s childhood has now emerged in a unique skill set enabling David to work with individuals and groups to create rapid dissolution of outmoded constructs, clearing space for the unfolding and integration of the new. David has an ability to pull together strands of stories in individual and collective fields. He perceives the sticking points attached to these stories and helps unravel them so a new narrative can unfold. This is the sacred art of story telling. To remind the tribe of their origins and help open to emerging possibilities. “Because you exist outside of time and space as well as within it, your ability to impact energy fields is not dependent on their apparent size. A human body, a continent or a planet, it makes no difference.” David has integrated this guidance well. It enables him to work with collective fields of energy, moving backwards and forwards in time to help unravel constructs, and the impact of events.