Happiness and Empowerment Coach

Bournemouth, Dorset


From £10 left in her purse, desperate and full of fear to becoming a Secret Millionaire on TV, Sue has achieved an incredible life transformation. Sue thrives on helping others from personal coaching to inspirational business mentoring and motivational speaking. Founder of the Sue Stone Foundation, Sue’s amazing positivity and energy has infiltrated the lives of thousands, with wonderful results both at home and in the workplace. She has a unique, remarkable and uplifting impact on the people she comes into contact with and helps thousands from all walks of life across the world, from everyday people to celebrities and city high-fliers.



Your daily dose of Sunshine Inspiration from the UK’s leading Happiness & Empowerment Coach

Change your life for the better and let Sue share with you all that she’s learnt to motivate you every morning for a whole 6 Months via these daily inspirational videos.

“When Sue’s Happiness Videos arrive into my inbox the first thing I do is open them. I now don’t do anything that I would call ‘challenging’ without viewing them first. The way Sue speaks right to you is so motivating and empowering. The tools she teaches are so simple yet so effective. I met Sue a year ago for a one to one session after reading her book, I felt amazing after the session but keeping the momentum going sometimes is hard. The videos are the best thing since sliced bread! They really have contributed to changing my life and keeping me motivated and focused.” – James Norton, East London.

– Breakthrough your limitations and make the shifts necessary to achieve success, joy and happiness in all areas of your life
– Remove any blocks you may have to abundance and wealth
– Discover how to attract the right partner into your life
– Use powerful techniques to let go of past hurts, bitterness and resentment
– Master the ability to handle your emotions and achieve true inner peace
– Learn to love yourself and give your self-image a great boost

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