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Debra Sofia Magdalene

Founder of Mastery Path Events and Global Hugs



Debra is a social entrepreneur and in addition to running Mastery Path Events, she’s involved in multiple projects. Global Hugs Ltd is her coaching & training business; she helps people to cleanse via her Detox with Debra group coaching programme and combines her love for travel and spiritual growth through Magdalene Spiritual Journeys.  Debra’s purpose is helping to raise consciousness on the planet and all her projects are in alignment with this mission. She’s a doTerra Wellness Advocate and essential oils educator, teaching people about the power of nature’s medicine to support their health & wellness, and how to use essential oils for physical, emotional and spiritual purposes. Debra loves to share her personal journey to help others and does this internationally through radio interviews, podcasts, contributing to books, being featured in publications, and speaking at events.