Founder of Mastery Path Events and Global Hugs



Debra Sofia journeyed through many different lands and terrains, and encountered many teachers, in her quest to uncover and understand the root cause of her lifelong deep unworthiness around love and abundance. In the heart of the Amazon Rainforest she was confronted with the source of that unworthiness; a deeply indoctrinated story of love from early childhood played back within an ancient rainforest temple. In the midst of her revelation, that story took on a whole new meaning which enabled her to work deeply with the power of story moving forwards, to love both herself and others unconditionally, and with compassion for all living things. By liberating herself, Debra Sofia now guides others to understand and transform their own story of life, to love themselves, their lives and others unconditionally, and to create lives of true abundance. Debra is passionate about teaching people about using natural alternatives including how to use essential oils, and mentors others who want to do the same.