Wellbeing Pioneer & founder of Wild Food Cafe

Covent Garden, London


Joel started out as a budding architect, but discovered that the ultimate architecture is not in the buildings and cities, but in our own lives, minds and bodies. This journey led him to deep exploration of body movement, nutrition, raw food, detoxification, paleo and indigenous diet, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, tonic herbalism, wild foraging and more! Joel has been sharing and teaching internationally in the raw food and wellbeing fields for the past 15 years and now his lifetime’s experiences, together with an ever-expanding passion for innovation (there’s definitely a level of madness about Joel!), are condensed in Wild Food CafĂ© & Wild Wellbeing & Raw Food Courses that he regularly teaches, together with Aiste and the Wild Team. “It is an honour to share my knowledge, innovate and co-create with the Wild Team as an Executive Chef and lead the playful wellbeing revolution in UK through our courses, vision and community.”