Performance and Empowerment Coach

Friern Barnet, London


Geoff is a professionally trained actor who left the theatre because he was crippled by his fear. In the 20+ years since his acting career ended and after many trainings, much research and experience working with people to overcome their fear, Geoff has worked to create the New Paradigm for Public Speaking – a completely new way to approach public speaking that eliminates fear, removes the stress of presenting and allows people to discover their natural self-expression and speak from the heart with authentic confidence, taking them from ‘Fear to Flow’.


Geoffrey Owen’s ‘The Five Fatal Fear Factors’ 

Getting you out of Fear and into Flow – on stage, on video and in everyday life.

As a Thought Leader, Transformational Coach or Metaphysical Teacher your ability to convey your message powerfully whether that be on camera, on TV and Radio or speaking from stage is crucially important to win the hearts and minds of potential clients, and to the success of your business.

Discover the Five Fatal Fear Factors which keep you frozen and discover tools and techniques to strengthen your rapport with your audience and convey your message naturally from the heart without the need to learn a script, and without nerves!

You’ll receive a training video each day over 6 days PLUS AS A SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS Geoff will personally review your video message.


– Discover the Five Fatal Fear Factors
– Learn to love your voice
– Discover how to be powerfully seen
– Gain confidence to speak from the heart, without notes or a script
– The power of spontaniety
– Tips of how to present to camera
PLUS SPECIAL BONUS – Geoffrey will personally review your video message


Geoffrey Owen’s ‘The Five Fatal Fear Factors’ £10.00

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