Environmentalist & Writer



Jonathon was born in 1950. His next couple of decades flowed by effortlessly at Eton, Magdalen College, Oxford, and messing around planting trees and farming in New Zealand and Australia. He first got involved with environmental issues in 1974, at the same time as he became a teacher in a West London comprehensive. Ten years later (during which he was also very involved in the Green Party), he left teaching to become Director of Friends of the Earth where he stayed until 1991, just prior to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 – which was a life-changing experience. In 1996, he set up Forum for the Future, which remains his ‘home base’ in terms of all the different things he does today. He was Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission between 2000 and 2009and is currently on the world tour for his latest book, ‘The World We Made’.