Water Researcher and Director of the Emoto Peace Project UK



Matt is a water researcher trained by Dr Masaru Emoto, and is a speaker and educator in raising awareness in water, its purpose, usage and its understanding and provides solutions that restore our waters back to their natural pristine state.
Matt is founder of the UK and Ireland arm of the non-profit organisation Emoto Peace Project with its quest to share with all children on earth the truth and understanding of water with a vision for peace in the world learned through Dr Emoto’s research with water. The project educates the responsive nature of water and our own true nature as water based beings. The plan involves bringing this into the educational curriculum and raises funds for the free distribution of the Children’s version of the ‘Messages from Water’ by the pioneering work by the late Dr Masaru Emoto.
Creator of the New Water Generation which educates how water quality is directly linked to our origins, growth, optimal health and longevity and is dedicated to changing our approach to water. He also provides hydrating water for schools, communities and corporates and previously ultra-hydrating water for high performing individuals, teams and athletes. (Having previously directed a visionary water revitalisation project in Uganda predominantly by revitalising water, remunerating soil, trees and empowering communities in impoverished war-torn areas of Africa’s Slums)
As a former fighter pilot Matt has journeyed from then ‘peace enforcer’ to now ‘peace maker’, and is also an Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung Teacher, Ling Chi Practitioner, Chi Yoga trained by Master Jason Chan and teaches on retreats around the world alongside the message of peace. He is also a spokes person for the World Preservation Foundation on water.