Shamanic Teacher and Extreme Empowerment Specialist

Spalding, Lincs


Founder of Firechild Shamanism, Taz’s brand of extreme empowerment encourages individuals and organisations to break through their fears, smash past limiting beliefs and achieve the seemingly impossible. It’s not unusual to hear people credit Taz with changing their lives, whether they’ve been directly impacted through her ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ empowerment seminars, heard her speak at an event, read some of her work or simply seen her online. Wherever she goes, Taz challenges people to be their best, to be authentic and to recognise just how incredible their potential really is.



How to tap into the awesome energy of your shamanic Power Animal to help guide you in life

Using meditation and ancient shamanic drumming techniques, this brilliant four day video programme will guide you on a spiritual journey to meet your power animal. Learn how to safely visit the realms of the animal spirits and totem guides, access deep personal teachings and harness energetic support whenever you need it.

A wonderful introduction to shamanic work.


– Detailed instruction on how to meet your Power Animal
– A Shamanic Drumming and Meditation bonus track
– A Daily Dream Journal download
– Life Guidance
– Shamanic Protection
– Wisdom on any problem you may be facing


Taz Thornton’s ‘How to Find Your Power Animal’ £14.99

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